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Changing post-secondary education, by bridging the gap between school and employment, through a next generation freelancing platform

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Mission Statement

Connectiv8 is not just a start up but a community of students with a passion for change. Our team’s mission is to make a difference in the recruitment world through facilitating a partnership between students and businesses. We are next generation freelancing looking to provide a straightforward, and fun platform for students and businesses to collaborate through.

Connectiv8 offers projects you can be a part of in your free time. Students’ passion, energy and talent are exactly what small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations need to solve problems with a fresh outlook. By passing their projects off to enthusiastic students, businesses are also giving students the opportunity to get real-world work experience, earn money, and make an impact.

Our Story

Connectiv8 was founded in March 2015 by three students, Elena Routledge, Morgan Roff and Nikita Kopotun from Queen's University, looking to change the face of education. They knew there was a need in universities to gain real world experience while businesses could leverage top tier talent at these schools. A team of four directors soon formed to include Scott McTavish, working alongside their incredible team of fellow students.

Despite the initial lack of definition and the changing complexity of its operations, in our first year Connectiv8 successfully went live at Queen’s University. The team built a website, held campaigns, established clients, and exchanged over $10,000 in project revenues. Connectiv8 continues to be managed by full-time students seeking to make a difference, and gain experience to help them in their lives. Connectiv8 has a goal of expanding to all schools throughout Ontario, and providing learning opportunities in all fields to students.

Executive Bios

The members of our Executive Team are leaders, and young entrepreneurs within their school. They have varied backgrounds, skills, and future ambitions, and the skills they’ve developed working through us have led to careers in many fields.

Nikita Koputun

"Until recently, I was a part of a system where I was rewarded for marks, not results. Though I was thriving in the school environment, I knew I'd make it nowhere in the real world with only grades up my sleeve. We live in a results and experience-based world, and I wanted to give others the chance to properly prepare for it."

– Nikita Kopotun, Queen’s Sci ’16, Founder of Connectiv8 & Creative Imprint Co

Jakob Pugi

"Throughout undergrad there were very few opportunities to actually gain practical experience in the fields we're learning about. Connectiv8 provides the framework for students to gain experience that reflects more than just how they do in class. Personally I knew that I needed more than just grades to make it to where I wanted to go, and Connectiv8 is a perfect solution."

Jakob Pugi, Queen's Life Sci '16, Head of Networking & Relations 2015/16, M.D. Candidate 2019 at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University

Scott McTavish

"During the interview process for my current job, it seemed like every questions was begging to be answered with an example from my time with Connectiv8. The opportunities it afforded for developing myself as a leader, for setting and achieving goals, and taking initiative were invaluable for me. Choosing to pursue this opportunity, and be introduced to the world of startups, innovative tech and innovative people was one of the best decisions I have made. We get it, you’re the sponsorship coordinator for a conference… so is everyone else in your class. Differentiate yourself. Apply."

– Scott McTavish, Queen’s Sci ’16, Director of Sales 2015/16, Consultant at PwC

Interested in being part of the team, and making your own impact? Keep an eye out for team applications in March, advertised on Facebook and throughout campus!

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