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Project Picture

iOS Distraction Blocking App Development


(exact project scope and price negotiable upon meeting with the client)


One-touch app solution to phone distractions


The app will boost the productivity of phone users through an app that is simple, easy to use, and actually works. The app works to block user distraction by locking them out of their phone in an intuitive and legal way. Unlike other apps, it does not rely on VPNs or user willpower to have effect..

Deliverable: A wireframe app made from scratch with core functionality/solution to problem. It should prevent the user from using their phone. Client will tell developer how this can be done and they will code it to life. Most importantly, they want an MVP that works. Beauty, UI, Graphics are secondary priorities.

Learning Opportunities

  • General relationship and client management
  • Gain experience in iOS app development


  • Very simple/straightforward app
  • Should not take long to complete
  • Project is a utility app that aids in user productivity
  • Experience in publishing apps to the app store is an asset


  1. Meet with the client to discuss the project.
  2. Develop an iOS app with the core functionality discussed in meeting with the client.

Required Skills

  • Proficient in IOS and Android app development (iOS programming experience is a must. Android appdev is an asset
  • Quick worker
  • Creative
  • Trustworthy
  • Can take prompts and create results right away
  • Previous web development experience an asset

Applications due November 4th

Please send your resumé to with the subject line "YourName_ProjectName_Application."

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