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Frosh Week & Events Coordinator



DrugSmart Pharmacy


The DrugSmart Pharmacy in the Queen's ARC needs a student to coordinate frosh week promotion and other marketing events for the drug store. Events could include a presence at the Sidewalk Sale, makeup demonstrations, coupon giveaway blitzes, and focus groups. The goal is to promote awareness of and goodwill towards DrugSmart. The student will also be expected to come up with their own ideas, so have some fun with it!

This is a big project, which will require preparatory work in July and August, with work tapering off into the school year. It is ideal if the student is in Kingston for the summer, though not required. The student must be available in Kingston for all of Frosh week (September 4th onwards). The position concludes in March, and the project fee will be split into several payments.

Learning Opportunities

  • Practice project management skills, balancing objectives against deadlines and budget constraints.
  • Learn to evaluate and then execute marketing ideas.
  • Gain insight into a functioning pharmacy, and network with a pharmacy owner with connections in the industry.
  • Work in a team with other brand ambassadors during frosh week and beyond.


  1. Meet with Suzanne from DrugSmart Pharmacy, and discuss marketing objectives.
  2. Over July and August, plan your frosh week and early semester marketing events.
  3. Once September hits, execute those plans!
  4. Evaluate your completed events, and plan more events based on this analysis.
  5. Most work will be done in July and August, with work dropping to a few hours a week after September, and no need to work during exams. The project wraps up in March, 2017.

Required Skills

  • Organization
  • Affiliation with various Queen's groups and/or connections with diverse areas of the student body.
  • Knowledge of advertising opportunities on campus, including poster approval requirements, etc.
  • The ability to manage and motivate others.

Applications are now closed for this project.

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