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GreenCity Initiatives


GreenCity Initiatives is a business development and innovation firm, specializing in sustainable and renewable technologies. GreenCity is developing an urban farm with advanced horticulture systems designed to be operated indoors. In doing this, it needs to know what software could be required to operate, monitor, and control an indoor farm, and what software is currently available to meet that need.


  • Meet with the client (Michael Tkautz) to understand the indoor farm's horticulture system and to learn what functionality he is looking for from this software.
  • Research currently available software packages and determine if these meet the company's requirements, or if GreenCity will need to develop the necessary software itself.
  • Submit the report to the client.

Required Skills

  • An understanding of computer software and basic electrical systems
  • An interest in sustainability is an asset
  • The ability to scope a problem, and creatively research solutions

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