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Urban Farming Capsule Re-Design



GreenCity Initiatives

Project due: January 31st

This project can be applied to either individually, or as a small group


A new urban farming system, created by Omega Garden, allows plants like herbs, lettuce, and micrograins to be grown in a capsule system. The plants are installed on the walls of the capsule and rotated around a light source held in the center. They receive nutrients by being rotated through a ‘pool’ of nutrient-filled water a few times per hour. The result is a farming system that allows these plants to be grown indoors, and in ⅛ the usual time.

GreenCity Initiatives is looking to speed up the seeding process of their current Urban Farm rotary system. Currently, seeded plants are inserted individually into the walls of the capsules which takes a considerable amount of time. Either a new plant insertion system, or a new capsule system, needs to be designed to speed up the process.


  • Meet with the client (Michael Tkautz) to understand the current system and the project goals
  • Research and design a new capsule system
  • Create a thorough and precise AutoCAD model of the final design, one which can be used to manufacture a physical prototype

Required Skills

  • AutoCAD proficiency
  • Experience with mechanical engineering design
  • Problem solving, creativity, and the ability to research

Applications are closed for this project.

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