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Head to Head


Head to Head promotes mental and physical wellness through Olympian led mentorship programs.

They pair Olympians with schools, sports clubs and individuals to visit in person, send videos and be available on email.

The entire program is guided by our curriculum which covers 10 soft skills of succeeding in sport and life, like resilience, goal setting and managing pressures.

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Learning Opportunities

  • Gain experience in taking professional videos and editing
  • Work with Olympians


  1. Film 5 X 3-5 minute segments (interview style of Olympian sharing stories on specific topics)
  2. Film a 30-45 second intro
  3. Take a headshot of the olympian
  4. Film b-roll of the Olympian with medals or Olympic paraphernalia to ensure edits are smooth

Required Skills

  • Videographer with good editing skills that can implement b-roll into videos.
  • Reliable and detail oriented

This project accepts applications on a rolling basis, and could be closed at any time.

Please send your resumé to with the subject line "YourName_ProjectName_Application."

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