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Project Picture

WebApp Design


Kingston Entrepeneur


A team of local Kingston entrepreneurs are looking for help building a web-app and/or mobile application to combine conventional broadcast advertising/marketing with laptops and mobile devices. The full scope and pay of the project will be determined based on conversations with qualified candidates to ensure that deliverables can be submitted in a timely manner given the students skill set.

Send in an application if you're interested!

Learning Opportunities

  • Gain experience with both front-and and back-end development
  • Work with various API’s/toolkits to gather data
  • Work with a motivated startup, with potential to be involved with other future partners
  • Plan and execute a large-scale project


  1. Work with the entrepreneur to determine the best execution strategy for the service
  2. Develop a prototype product to demonstrate functionality to potential partners
  3. Potential to continue working with the client to build the final product

Required Skills

  • Web-app experience required
  • Cross-platform web/app development experience is an asset

This project accepts applications on a rolling basis, and could be closed at any time.

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