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Speed Dating Web app




SmoJoe is a digital marketing agency that help companies grow their businesses and optimize their services. They specialize in SEO, but take on a wide range of projects from web development to physical marketing.

SmoJoe needs a webapp built to streamline a company's events. Currently the company runs speed dating events, but does all of the matching on paper, which is extremely time consuming. The way speed dating works is women sit at each table and essentially interview men. At the end of the “interview” the man and the women each mark down yes or no beside the other person’s name. If both have a yes marked down they are put into contact.

What they want is a webapp that someone can create an event in (as admin) then have people at the event connect and enter their names. Once the people are connected the event starts. The app then allows each person to mark down yes or no on the app instead of on paper, so that once the event is over the admin can quickly tally all of the matches and then put them in contact. To put them into contact, the current plan would be to have a simple chat built into the app. This does not need to be custom, but could integrate with an existing messaging platform. Moreover, the design and features are not final and we welcome all ideas!

This project could be done as an individual or as a group. The timeline is fairly flexible. If you feel you lack relevant experience, but are interested in pursuing the project, SmoJoe is still happy to meet with you. Send in your resumé if you're interested in discussing this project further with the client!

Learning Opportunities

  • Gain UX design experience
  • Work with a professional client
  • Plan and execute a large-scale project


  1. Meet with the SmoJoe client to discuss the project.
  2. Plan the app's UX design for approval.
  3. Plan an appropriate architecture/build platform for the app.
  4. Develop the app.
  5. Make any necessary adjustments after client review.

Required Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Interest in web app development
  • Previous web development experience an asset
  • Previous speed dating experience not required!

Applications are closed for this project.

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